Trips in wilderness, fishing and canoeing bring the children some adventure in nature. In summer one can play different ball-games on a big grass field of the site. A gym hall and icebergs for a change offer great sport possibilities to the children and young people. Children can also take part in the activities of a club work and the youth club activities arranged by Luupuvesi.

On the site the children and the young people can take care of the horses, cats, hares and dogs. Animals give a possibility for versatile spare-time hobbies. Horse-back riding instructor visits us twice a week. Riding and horse-care is a part of therapy in Satuniemi. A teacher of music can help you to enjoy the rhythm of the world.

All terrain vehicles, mopeds, some farming machines, as well as snowmobiles are at your desposal. Under the parent’s quidance there’s a possibility to go in for different car sports.

In a separate building the young people can do wood processing work, play billiard, listen to music or realize themselves artistically.