Ihalan Tupa (literally Ihala’s cottage) is a youth-home for 7 host-children in Iisalmi municipality. We offer substitute care to mentally symptomatic children aged from 10 to 17 years. Our community care forms a beneficial basis for upbringing and rehabilitation. Tarja Arbelius is Ihalan Tupa’s Chairman and Managing Director. She is also foster parent in Satuniemi Oy along with her husband Pekka Arbelius. Cooperation between Ihalan Tupa and Satuniemi enriches and widens our community and allows many supplementary activities for our host-children.

Ihalan Tupa is officially licenced as a provider of 24 hours institutional care by the Regional State Admistrative Agency of Eastern-Finland. Our services are produced in line with Finnish Child protection law. Our premises and staff meet up with the requirements of laws and acts on child protection and care