Working together towards common goal

Ihalan Tupa is small and comfortable youth home for youth who need psychiatric support. We provide a safe and peaceful environment for growth, homely premises as well as a numerous team of dedicated and qualified staff members. The ethical principles of social work guiding all of our activities. Our main goal is to support our youths towards a happy live as a full members of society. Our mission is to safeguard the youths growth in each phase respecting in the same time a his/her individuality and specific needs. It is alos important to us to support the youth in continuation of relationships to close and important people in their lives. . The youth s are encouraged and coached to participate and take a responsible role in their own education, hobbies and participation and everyday life in the community. The moments of privacy are also ensured in between our daily operations.

In Ihalan Tupa we hold the community care as our key method for care and upbringing Community, interaction and functionality are the keywords behind our activities.

Our staff in Ihalan Tupa forms a multi-professional team that approaches to work in systematic, goal-oriented and reflective methods. From our experience in working with the youth we have learned that a predictable and consistent performance creates safety and benefits the holistic rehabilitation.